This is me

I thought I’d start my first blog post by telling you a bit about me. To be honest, to describe myself would take a whole novel (which I will write one day), and there are so many different aspects to who I am, that it wouldn’t be possible to sum it all up in one blog entry.

I have quite a few different passions (some might say too many, and to that I say “pfft”) and have finally found what truly makes me happy, after many years of feeling as though something was missing.

Let’s start with my family. I’ve been married for three years; and been with my hubby for six years. There is a massive story about out journey together- both before we got together and our triumphs and challenges throughout. This, I’ll save for another post, but let me just say that we were clearly meant to be in each other’s lives for many significant reasons, and while it took me a long time to understand it, our challenges are a lot of the reason why we are so strong; both as a couple, and as individuals.

My eldest son Brendon was born in 2003, and is a very sensitive, kindhearted soul. He has started high school this year and is going through puberty, so you can just imagine how much fun that has been! He has had his own battles to face, including adjusting to his Dad living on the other side of the country, understanding what it’s like to be in a blended family, and being a victim of bullying, but I believe this is going to hold him in good stead to be able to help many people when he is older. I am often in awe of his resilience, and his ability to maintain such a kind and loving nature.

In 2013, my little heart warrior was born. Nate was five weeks premature (just like his older brother), and just ten days after coming into the world, had open heart surgery. This was hands down the most frightening experience of my life; that gut wrenching feeling of not knowing whether my son would survive. Nate has changed my life in many ways (again, long story) and I am so proud to be his Mumma.

My daughter Grace decided entered the world in May this year, and I truly believe that she is the same soul that I miscarried in 2012; deciding that it was finally the right time for her to be part of our little family. Grace is a spitting image of me, and our bond is one that I can’t quite describe in words.

So, as you can probably imagine, I have my hands full with a teenager, a toddler, and a little bubba, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, they test my patience at times, like all kids do, but that’s just part of being a Mum, and I am blessed to have such an important job.

The door at the beach

Now that I’ve introduced my little family, I guess I should tell you a little about me. After all, if you decide to follow my posts, you’ll likely want to know what types of things I might be writing about. I’ll try and keep this as brief as I can, in order to give you a kind of ‘snapshot’ of me, and so that I don’t end up writing a whole novel here!

I’m 36 years young and as I’ve said, my life has been interesting so far to say the least. My Mum gave birth to me when she was just eighteen years old and we lived with my grandparents for the first few years of my life, which explains why I’ve had such an amazing relationship with them. I live five minutes away from my Nan now and I feel my Pa around me and my children all the time (he passed in 2011). My Mum and I have had an interesting relationship over the years, and it was actually in the moments that my dear Pa was in hospital just before his passing that Mum and I rekindled our relationship. Our bond has grown ever so strong since then, and I am so pleased that we are once again as close as we used to be.

I struggled emotionally for many years with my estranged relationship with my father. It wasn’t until recently that I finally made the decision to cut ties with him, after too many years of disappointment. I met my father for the first time when I was thirteen years old, and tried tirelessly to form some kind of relationship with him, but ultimately decided that it was better for my emotional and mental wellbeing to let that hope go.

Among many other things, something I feel very strongly about is raising awareness for mental health. I’ve had my eyes opened to quite a few varying mental health issues; both personally through suffering anxiety and depression for many years, as well as having post natal depression after the birth of my eldest son.

I’ve also watched loved ones work through other mentally and emotionally debilitating illnesses including psychosis and post traumatic stress disorder. Sadly, I have also lost a loved one to suicide. While I have a few females in my life who have suffered from depression just like me, the majority  of major mental health challenges I’ve seen have been in significant males in my life. Needless to say, this is why I’m so passionate about this cause, and in particular, encouraging our male society to feel more comfortable in expressing their feelings.

My work- well, that’s a long story-both with how I got to where I am now, and the fact that I really can’t sum it up in just one title. I believe that the work I’m doing now is what I was born to do, and every role I’ve ever had in the past has helped me reach this point, therefore I have not a single regret about the varying experiences my working life has provided me over the years.

For several years I studied and worked in early childhood education, and absolutely loved my position as director of a small long daycare centre. The beautiful relationships that I formed over the years- with staff, families and children made my work just that much more rewarding. While I am still very passionate about early childhood education, my position meant that I had to spend way too much time at work, and after the birth of Nate, I decided to resign from my position and become a ‘stay at home Mum’. Even now, almost two years later, while I miss working with children, I know that it was the best decision I could have made.

It was shortly after I miscarried in 2012 that I began to write, and that very first piece I wrote about my life so far had me bleeding the words onto the pages. I felt liberated and free after letting my story out. After that, I felt compelled to keep writing and put together some articles as well as some books that have now been published. Through my writing I began to understand that there was a much bigger force in play with life itself than I had ever realised. This is where my spiritual journey began.

From then on, I researched, I studied, and I read; about the universe, past lives, the Other Side, spirit guides, tarot, Angels, life. The list goes on, and for anyone else who has experienced an ‘awakening’, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that the information just couldn’t be processed quickly enough. I couldn’t get enough, and I just wanted to keep learning more. I wanted to know so much more about why I was here, what my purpose was, and what life meant. And so I did.

I was taking to my sister in law one day and it just so happened that she had been experiencing similar things. Everything we had each experienced in life so far, and all the spiritual ‘knowledge’ that we wanted to gain was so in sync that it was eerie, and so we decided to start up our own Facebook community so that we could share our learning journey with others. This is where Soul Sistas Healing & Guidance began. Soul Sistas Healing Logo 2014

As we began to explore ‘all things spiritual’ we wondered if we had this ‘gift’ that everyone talked so much about. As we were both studying the Tarot during that time, we were already practicing reading and giving guidance to others, and so we thought we would have a go at trying to connect with Spirit. We were gobsmacked to say the least, when we found that not only could we connect with people’s loved ones on the Other Side, but that we were able to do many other things as well. We soon learned they our gifts had been there all along, and it was just a matter of remembering we had them.

Our little Facebook community has just grown and flourished from there, and we are now a successful business, that provides healing and guidance to many around the world. With our common love for writing, we also established our own publishing company White Light Publishing House.

Needless to say, we are both very busy ladies, what with raising young children as well as co-running two businesses, but the more we help others, the more we want to keep going and reach more people, and our plans for the future are very exciting indeed. It is just so magnificently rewarding, and the feeling we get from helping others on their own life journey is indescribable.

So, as you can tell, my ‘title’ as such when it comes to my work is very broad, and is most definitely not limited to just one area. I guess if I had to describe myself (other than being a Mum of course) in less than ten words, I would use the following: Psychic Medium, Healer, Writer, Publisher, Teacher and Lightworker. Yes, that sums it up quite nicely I think.

As you can probably gather, I’ve gained quite a bit of life experience in my 36 years, and I have oh so many things to write about here. My goal is to share my experiences  with others in the hope that it might help just one person (if not more) from people being able to genuinely relate to what I’m saying. I’m a strong believer that when you’re going through a trying time, or just confused about something in life, that simply knowing you’re not alone and that someone else has ‘been there’ is a huge support and relief. If I can do this for just one person, it would make me very happy indeed.

I hope that you can share this journey with me.
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