Ignorance is not bliss

It really saddens me to see that there are still so many people out there who are so blatantly ignorant.

As I’ve found that I’ve been doing a lot recently,I happened to read some comments on a news report today on social media. The report was about the anti-Islamic group UPF staging a be-heading outside the local council offices in protest of a mosque being built. For anyone who hasn’t seen this report, see the link below:

Anti Islamic group stages be-heading Bendigo 

This was my comment:

“This is so unhelpful and just fuelling the hate and fear that were trying to get rid of. Morons.”

I am pleased to say that my comment received many likes, which tells me that there are many people who agree with me; believing that this type of behaviour is simply uncalled for and just making matters worse. There were however, many, many comments on this post that were filled with racist, hateful, and ignorant views that really made my blood boil…not to mention the idiotic responses to my comment, such as calling me un-Australian and offering me a ticket to the Middle East. There were so many people applauding these imbeciles; stating that they were using shock tactics, and that it was done to open the eyes of Australia so that we stop letting ‘terrorists’ take over our country. The thing that got me though, was that as soon as any of these ignoramuses were questioned on a deeper level as to why they had these beliefs, they couldn’t give a straight answer; only responding with verbal abuse to whoever posed the question. This just confirmed for me how blind these people are to what the real issues are in this world.

I tried not to let the whole thing anger me too much; remembering that everyone is entitled to their own beliefsabd opinion, and are each on their own individual journey. I can’t help but wonder sometimes though, just why these people are so hellbent on living their lives with their eyes closed, and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this mentality of not wanting to see the bigger picture is based on fear.

But what is it that these people are so afraid of? 

Someone asked me while I was commenting, “why bother?”.

My response was, “someone needs to”.

I believe that a lot of the problem in these situations is that too many people are scared to speak the truth. They’re scared of being ridiculed for saying what they truly believe. Thankfully, as I continued to read the comments a few hours after I’d contributed mine, there were then many others who had echoed my opinion on the matter. Of course, they received abuse as well, but they stood their ground and spoke honestly.

This is what the world needs more of; people who have their eyes open and aren’t afraid to speak the truth; especially when it’s not the most ‘popular’ opinion. People who see the bigger picture and truly want peace in the world. People who are willing to stand up and actually say something; who bravely challenge the outdated and ignorant comments of those who still have their eyes shut.

This is how we can invoke change, and I, for one, will continue to do so, even if it’s not well-received.

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.



8 thoughts on “Ignorance is not bliss”

  1. Fear drives people into situations where they do things that they otherwise would not, and say things they would not. Fear also makes people believe the first thing that is said to them because it is easier to believe a lie than take the time to find and fight for the truth.

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  2. Beautiful story and so true I could not agree with you more. People say some hateful comments on certain post I threw my hands up not out of fear but I lack patience to deal with ignorant people. I have to get better. I see racist crap and just shake my head and keep going. I am glad you made a stand.

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