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This is a blog post primarily for my friends and family, or for anyone I’m connected to that doesn’t really know what I do for work. But, it’s also for me.

I was asked yesterday what my one word for 2017 is going to be, and I didn’t even need to think twice about it. 

My word is REAL

So, the first thing I’ve decided to tick off my list for this year is to stop being selective with where and with whom I share my true beliefs and who I really am, for the sake of not ‘ruffling any feathers’. 

For some reason or another, I only talk about my working life to select people. I know that what I do for a living can be perceived as ‘out there’, ‘weird’ and at times, awkward for people to hear, but you know what? I’m so absolutely blessed to be doing what I do every day, and I’ve come to the realisation that it’s not up to me as to how others perceive my way of life; it’s up to them. I am who I am, I love what I do, and I’m damn proud of my work.

Most people who know me, know that I run my own business and that I work from home. Most even know that I am a publisher, too. But the part of my work that rarely gets talked about (mostly because I find that people get uncomfortable about how to respond) is that not only am I a writer and publisher, but I am a Lightworker.

I am a Lightworker who communicates with Spirit (passed loved ones, angels, ascended masters, even beings from other planets). I channel information and messages both for myself and for others, to provide guidance, support, clarity and direction on this journey we call life. I even sometimes see people’s past lives and totem animals. The more I do this, the more I’m learning and accessing. It’s super exciting and rewarding!

To me, getting random messages from Spirit is an everyday occurrence, and is not ‘weird’ at all. Of course, some of the people I know whom I’ve shared this with don’t believe me, or change the subject faster than the speed of light, but that’s okay. I don’t need to get into an argument about what the ‘truth’ is, because I know what it is. The thousands of people I help every single day know it’s the truth, so that’s all that matters. 

So, how did I get to where I am now? Some people who have known me for more than 5 years might be reading this and wondering how things changed so dramatically from where I previously was. Let me just say though, I’m still the same person. I’ve just found my true purpose now. 

It was shortly after I miscarried back in 2012 that I began to write, and that very first piece I wrote about my life so far had me bleeding the words onto the pages. I felt liberated and free after letting my story out. After that, I felt compelled to keep writing and put together some articles as well as some books that have now been published. Through my writing I began to understand that there was a much bigger force in play with life itself than I had ever realised. And this is where my spiritual journey began.

From then on, I researched, I studied, and I read; about the universe, past lives, the Other Side, spirit guides, tarot, Angels, life. The list goes on, and for anyone else who has experienced an ‘awakening’, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that the information just couldn’t be processed quickly enough. I couldn’t get enough, and I just wanted to keep learning more. I wanted to know so much more about why I was here, what my purpose was, and what life meant. And so I did.

For several years I studied and worked in early childhood education, and absolutely loved my position as director of a small long daycare centre. The beautiful relationships that I formed over the years- with staff, families and children made my work just that much more rewarding. While I am still very passionate about early childhood education, I decided to become a ‘stay at home Mum’ after my youngest son, Nate was born in 2013. As most of you already know, Nate was born with two significant holes  in his heart and had life-saving open heart surgery when he was ten days old, so this was the deciding factor in my decision to resign from my full time job,  which I did in early 2014. 

Since then, I’ve never looked back, and I now have two successful businesses I run from home (with one more – a charity – about to be launched). Helping people in such a profound way each and every single day through my spirit communication work, and making writers’ dreams come true through my publishing business, is so magnificently rewarding. I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, I ask myself now, “why wouldn’t I share how blessed I am with absolutely everyone I know?  What I do is not just important, but life changing for many people. I’m proud of what I do. I’m proud of who I am. 

So, no more filtering. 

No more worrying about whether people might feel awkward about what I do. 

I am still me. But now, you know all of me.

White Light for the Soul 

White Light Publishing House


Seeing you Shine 

Over the last few months I’ve had to pinch myself almost every day. Not only because my publishing business is growing at a very exciting rate, but as I experience firsthand, how beautiful it is to see each and every one of the authors I work with grow. 

More often than not, when I first speak with these writers, the conversations we have are focused on helping them to acknowledge just how talented and beautiful a soul they truly are, and on overcoming the fear they have about putting themselves out there for the world to see. In most cases, I find myself in tears as we collaborate through their publishing journeys. I am truly inspired by each and every one of my clients – not only because of the work they’ve chosen to publish, but because of the personal experiences they have been through prior to reaching the point where they’re ready to expose themselves to the world.

It truly is heartwarming to see this transition unfold before my eyes, and to say I’m blessed to be part of this journey with them is an understatement. I’m in a position where I am able to see so many gifted, compassionate souls move from a place of hesitation and uncertainty, to one of self confidence and empowerment. It’s a beautiful thing.

Not only have I seen these authors heal and grow, but each and every client I’ve worked with are now part of a unique tribe of creative souls who support one another and encourage each other to shine. There is no competition; just love and unification.

I’ve said this time and time again, but I’ll say it again. Becoming a published author is a journey in itself, and I am so fortunate to be able to help so many people have their dreams realised, while at the same time, seeing just how empowering and life changing it can be. 

To all my authors: I just love seeing you shine, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share this experience with you. 

Love, Light & Blessings,


How does a psychic reading work?

I am asked on occasion, just how I get the information I do when providing a reading and how it all works. 

When giving readings, I first ask Spirit to provide me with guidance on how I can best help the person I am reading for, and ask them to give me the answers to what you most need to know right now. These messages may come from my Spirit Guides or yours, or from loved ones on the Other Side. Alternatively, guidance may come through from other entities (eg Ascended Masters, Angels). In addition to intuited guidance, I may use just one, or a mixture of different cards, or I may not use cards at all. The majority of the , guidance in a reading is provided intuitively and is channelled directly from Spirit. 

Most of the messages I receive from Spirit come to me as words, names or images/visions (clairaudience and clairvoyance), and quite often through a ‘knowing’ (claircognizance). I also at times use automatic writing as a way of receiving direct communication from Spirit. 

I am always more than happy to elaborate or explain things further should there be any information in a reading that isn’t understood. I also welcome questions after someone receives a reading, because at times, something may come up that prompts questioning from my clients. I never charge people for this; it’s all part of the service.

I do not sugarcoat information that comes to me in a reading (pretending that everything is just butterflies and rainbows) however I do make sure I am respectful and compassionate when passing on sensitive information. Quite often, if someone has requested a reading, it’s because there is something challenging happening in their life at the time, and so more often than not, sensitivity and empathy is necessary. 

Another thing I’ll add, for those of you that decide to have a face to face reading, is that quite often I’ll pick up on your energy while reading for you, or the energy of a loved one in spirit, and so if I start crying, that’s why. Sometimes the emotional energy is quite overwhelming and I feel this energy quite strongly. It might be an overwhelming feeling of love from someone in spirit, or it may be the feeling of relief from being connected to a loved one. Whatever it is, know that this energy is shared with me to help me connect with you on such a deep level. 

If you ever have any questions about how I provide readings, please feel free to ask me at any time. 

❤️ Christie 

White Light for the Soul

Why I’m a Publisher

After attending my very first book launch and signing last night for the first author who published her work with me, I felt compelled to share a little bit about me and what I do, and how White Light Publishing House was created. 

As I discussed with the lovely group of people at the book launch last night, I guess I am not your ‘ordinary’ publisher, and I love that about my publishing house. I am not in this business to ‘get rich’. Of course, I need to earn a living, and cover costs of all the work that goes into publishing, however, my reasons for being in this business are far more meaningful than making money. In fact, I don’t even like calling it ‘business’; and much prefer to label what I provide as ‘a service that helps others to achieve their dreams’. 

Someone asked me last night, what the process is for having your work published. Basically, right from the get-go, I work with you to publish your work- whether it be a novel, a children’s book, a deck of oracle cards- the way you envision it. You decide how it’s going to look, how much you’ll sell it for, and how your work is to be shared with the world. 

This is your hard work that we’re working with here, and it’s your dream. I’m just here as a support, and to guide you along the way to make it a reality; not to dictate to you how it should be done. Of course however, if there are areas that you’re unsure about, or wish for me to take control over an aspect of your work (such as cover design, layout), then I can do that for you too. 

As I said, I am in this ‘business’ to help you share your work with the world, and am happy to work with you every step of the way, until you’re 100% happy with the finished product, ready for release. If you need to meet in person, we’ll do that (provided we live near one another), if you need to text or call me with a last minute addition, or want to go over a heap of samples for book covers before you find the ‘best fit’, that’s perfectly okay too. This process is about you and your dream; and pride myself on providing a personalised publishing service.

In addition: 

I keep my prices affordable. I know that as a writer/artist, sometimes the dream of becoming published may seem out of reach due to the costs involved. I also offer payment plans.

You maintain all rights to your work. I do not own your work once it’s published; you do. After all, it’s all your hard work and love that has been put into it. 

You receive the majority of the profit. I only take a small 10% of sales from your published work. As I said; I’m not in this to get rich. I want to help you

Your work will have a global reach. While White Light Publishing House is a relatively small company, your work will reach almost 40,000 retailers, schools, and libraries across the globe (including digital platforms such as Amazon, Kindle, iBooks).

As for how White Light Publishing House was created, well, that’s an interesting story in itself, but to put it briefly (otherwise this could well turn into a whole other article), I was inspired by an amazing woman, Karen McDermott,who wrote a book called ‘The Visitor’after reading it when I miscarried back in 2012. After much conversation and forming a friendship over a year or so, she encouraged me to start writing again myself, and after I wrote an article about my life journey, I truly understood what it meant to heal through writing. The process of bleeding all my experiences onto paper was the best thing I ever could have experienced, and I would encourage everyone to do the same; to help make sense of life in general. 

Anyhow, once I wrote that piece on my life, it fuelled me to keep writing, and soon enough, I had all these ideas running through my mind, and spoke to Karen about getting my work published. Being the beautiful person she is, she encouraged me to open up my own publishing house, and showed me the way in getting it all set up. And that, is how White Light Publishing House was born! 

Things are only just beginning, and while I’ve been blessed to have published some of my own work, as well as several other authors’ titles, there are many, many more on the way! Some of the projects I’m currently working on with authors and artists around the globe include some inspirational compilations, poetry and short stories, children’s books, affirmation and oracle cards, a cook book, and even some fundraising projects! As well as this, I’ve also added a platform to my website where both experienced and aspiring authors alike, can share their inspiration through article and short story/poetry writing. I believe it’s a wonderful platform for gaining more exposure as a writer, and after all, that’s how I started out, so why wouldn’t I offer the same opportunity to others? 

The future of White Light Publishing House is very exciting indeed, and I look forward to sharing many more people’s work with the world. 

To contact me or find out more about White Light Publishing House, you can visit my website or find me on Facebook

Alternatively, feel free to send me an email at

No Room for Comparison 

Enough is enough. I’ve decided to make a promise to myself. A promise that I should have made long ago, and one that every person would benefit from making for themselves.

I promise to stop comparing myself to others.

It seems quite a simple commitment to make in such a small sentence; one that many people will know, that in reality, isn’t quite that easy. On the contrary, you may be reading this thinking, “Oh, I don’t do that anyway”, but let me ask you this: Can you honestly say that you never, ever judge yourself based on what others think of you (whether real or perceived), or that you don’t question your decisions with someone else’s beliefs or way of life at the back of your mind?

Perhaps you can, and if so, that’s wonderful. But for those of us that do need a little reminder, it’s time we took back our personal power and lived authentically!

When was the last time you stopped yourself mid-thought; wondering whether “X” would make the same decision? What would they do in the same situation? Should you do what they would do, or go with your own instinct? What would they think of your choices? Would you feel as though you’re being judged? Better still, what would society think of your the choices you make?

These are all questions that we need to stop asking ourselves when it comes to making life choices; whether it’s a big decision like changing careers, or an everyday choice such as whether you can afford to buy yourself that new book you’ve had your eye on.

Comparison comes in many forms. You may be comparing:

– Your career and the success you have in the workplace

– The way you look 

– Your relationships with others (family, marriage, friendships)

– The amount of money you earn 

– How you should ‘behave’ in certain situations 

…and the list could go on…

Now, let this sentence sink in for a moment:

Each time you compare yourself to another, you are taking away your own power.

Personally, I’m not too fussed with material things, such as having fashionable clothes, or the latest hairstyle. Comparing myself to someone based on what I have or don’t have, is not an issue for me (thankfully). For example, I couldn’t care less about owning a big fancy house; that’s not what’s important to me. I am however, happy for anyone who is able to have this for themselves, if that’s what brings them joy.

For me, at this point in my life, comparing my parenting choices to those of others (as well as what is ‘expected’ from society in general), is my greatest challenge, and one that I intend to put a stop to right now. The choices I make daily as a parent, is what I struggle with the most; even though in reality, I shouldn’t. The fact that I’ve been a parent now for almost thirteen years, have three children, and several years of early childhood education training and experience up my sleeve, still doesn’t seem to stop me from questioning my choices at times; simply because I am comparing myself to others, or wondering whether or not my decisions are ‘the best thing to do’ in societies’ eyes.

So, for anyone who finds themselves guilty of comparing themselves to others (in any form- not just parents), I ask you this:

Why do you allow yourself to do this? What makes you think that you are not capable or knowledgeable enough to make the best possible choices for yourself (or your children) without comparing yourself to others? Why do you even think that others would be judging you anyway, and if they are, why does it matter so much?


In my situation, there is quite a simple answer to this question. It’s because as a parent, I want the absolute best for my children; that’s a given. The choices I make however, should not be based on whether I think others would agree with me, or how other people might think or feel about my decision. I am the parent of my children, and ultimately, I know what’s best for them, based on how I want them to be raised.

If I co-sleep with my children because it helps me to get some sleep at night (and I sometimes like the snuggles myself), that’s my choice. I own that choice.

If I take loved ones up on the offer to babysit my children for the night so my husband and I can go to the movies, that’s my choice. I own that choice.

If I enrol my children in daycare because I believe it is actually beneficial for their learning, that’s my choice. I own that choice.

And finally (this is a big one that I’ve been made to feel guilty about), if I want to go on a holiday and leave the kids at home with their Dad while I’m away, that’s my choice. I deserve a holiday and I own that choice.

It’s also important that I acknowledge the times where I don’t have the answers, or when I’m having a challenging time. 

When all I feel like doing is crawling up in bed and sleeping because the kids have kept me awake all night, that’s okay. I’m allowed to feel that way. 

When I sit my toddler in front of his favourite movie or give him the iPad to ‘keep him entertained’ so I can have a moment’s peace to fold the washing or heaven forbid, go to the toilet, that’s okay. I’m allowed to give myself some space.

When I’m so flustered from lack of sleep, trying to work from home, and having a nagging teenager, toddler and baby all wanting my attention at once, that I fall into a heap and have a good old cry, that’s okay. I’m human.

Obviously, these examples are based upon my personal situation, and are relating to parenting, however, this same concept can be adapted to any situation where you wish to take back your power and stop comparing or questioning your life choices. After all, who is in charge of your life? Is it society? Friends and family around you? Or you?

I promise to stop comparing myself to others. 

Do you?



How many jobs do I really have? – A day in the life of a stay at home Mum who works from home

How many jobs do I have? Hmm…let’s see.

My paid work that I do from home is  that I co-run not one, but two businesses with my sister in law. A spiritual healing business (psychic tarot and medium readings, reiki healing, teaching psychic development and tarot), and a publishing company (writing and publishing both our own books, as well as others’ work). That’s my paid work, and while it is most certainly real work, it’s still not seen as being real by some due to the nature of it.

Now, to my unpaid work-the work so many people unfortunately still see as being ‘not a real job’. Here we go- here’s my list of my ‘jobs’ off the top of my head (which, mind you, I do 24 hours a day):

Parent, counsellor, teacher, mediator, cook, cleaner, housekeeper, early childhood educator (I actually do have several years experience and qualifications as both an educator and centre director, so this is helpful), driver, shopper, nurse…

I’d say that currently I have 10+ jobs.  There are likely some people out there still questioning this, and rolling their eyes saying something like, “yeah right, ok”. Let’s elaborate then, shall we?

Right now I have a heap of work waiting to be done, and clients waiting on a response. My laptop is open on my desk and everything is ready to go- it has been since around 9.00 this morning. There is a pile of washing that needs to be done, but I put it off this morning because I had to make sure my four month old’s bottles were made up before my client arrived for her session at 10.00am. I would have made them up earlier, but I didn’t want to be late dropping my toddler at daycare and my eldest son at school. Once I got home from the drop off, I quickly made up said bottles, did the dishes from the morning’s breakfast, and cleaned up the lounge room which looked like a bomb had hit it (no bomb- just a toddler). No sooner had I finished doing that, my client arrived.

At approximately 12.00pm I sat down to start doing some work, and bubs decided it was time for another change and feed. Teething, mixed with hunger and lack of sleep from earlier in the morning (being woken constantly by her almost two year old brother) meant that a simple bottle and nappy change took longer than expected, and so I ended up spending around an hour on the couch before she fell asleep. In between all of this, I managed to answer some phone calls, pay some bills, and keep a close ear out for noises outside to catch our dog from barking and waking her up. Oh, and I also got to go to the toilet once or twice and grab something to snack on.

Oh wow! It’s already 2.40pm and it’ll be time to go and collect my eldest from school soon. If I’m lucky, I might be able to squeeze in a bit of work before I do that, or maybe I should sit down for five minutes and read one of the many books I have sitting there that I can’t wait to get into. No, wait. The washing. Oh, and that phone call I need to make to the bank. Oops, and I forgot that we’re also out of formula so I must go to the supermarket before I pick up the boys, otherwise I’ll need to drag them all with me (not fun).

OK, so it’s now 4.30pm and I did manage to get around forty minutes of work done (sporadically however, in between re-settling bubs). To me though, that is productive, as it’s more work than I managed to get done yesterday. Bubs is having an extra long sleep, and my eldest son is hanging with friends, so I’ve been able to get a little more done than usual. Yay for me! I even got to hang out that load of washing… must be on a roll. Ah.. I spoke too soon. I can hear that familiar sound of bubs waking up. Time to go for now.

It’s now 10.00pm and I finally have a moment’s peace. But let’s rewind shall we, to earlier in the evening: It’s approximately 5.10pm and I’m standing at the stove, trying my best to concoct some sort of nutritious and tasty dinner with what we have left in the fridge because the grocery shopping needs to be done. I have my toddler screaming at my feet because he wants to ‘help’, bubs is crying because she conveniently wants her bottle, and my teenage son complaining because he is grounded, and therefore, bored. To be honest, part of me zones out at this point, and I do this to save my sanity (and from laying on the floor myself and having a tantrum). I end up picking my toddler up so he can help because it’s easier than tripping over him every five seconds, and so now, I’m cooking one-handed, all the while making sure his little helping hands aren’t getting burnt or cut.

Half an hour later, and dirtying many more dishes than I usually would have, I’m finally able to dish up our dinner. Toddler is screaming again because he wants his now; not in five minutes when it has cooled down enough that he doesn’t burn his tongue. Bubs has decided that she doesn’t want her bottle now- she just wants to play, and so I sit on the floor with my dinner, while entertaining her at the same time. My phone is ringing but I can’t answer it right now (don’t people bloody know it’s dinner time?) Needless to say, I had a cold dinner; what was left of it anyway, after toddler decided that my identical dinner was better to eat than his. That’s ok though- I kinda lost my appetite with bubs having a poo explosion anyway.

Right, into the bathroom we go, and it goes something like this:

“You need to keep the water in the bath…No, Gracie doesn’t want to drink the enormous bucket of water you just threw in her face… Get off her, you’re too heavy…that’s not funny- now Mummy’s saturated!”

I lift bubs out of the bath before she gets smothered by her brother,then call out to teenager: “Brendon can you stand here for a sec while I grab towels? Make sure your brother doesn’t drown.” I’m now even more saturated and have dropped water from one end of the house to the other, and so when I hear toddler screaming, I’m soon told by teenager that he wanted to get out and he of course ran for his life, slipping on the water and whacking his head on the hallway wall. Is it bed time yet?

Ok so it’s only 6.15 and it feels like 9.00, but bed time is at least in sight, PJs are on, and it’s time for our 208th viewing of Frozen. Thank God for Frozen. I manage to get the dishes done while teenager continues to try and bribe me into lifting his grounding early. He follows me, complaining how bored he is while I clean up the food from the floor, wondering if toddler actually got any in his mouth. I have to stop cleaning up because toddler has decided it’s fun to push his sister with so much force in the bouncer that she might get brain damage. Frozen is on, remember? C’mon!

My phone rings again and it’s my teenagers Dad, so I answer it and end up having a forty minute discussion about his behaviour (by the way, this is fun to do with a toddler and baby wanting my undivided attention). So, the cleaning up has to wait til later. 

7.30 and toddler is ready for bed. Usually he would toddle off to bed happily with Daddy at this point, but he is on night shift this week, so it’s all me. So here I am, sitting in our bed (not his, of course) with bubs in my arms having a bottle, and toddler laying next to me having his. I won’t go into details, but trying to get a baby and a toddler to sleep at the same time, without them waking each other up, isn’t fun. It’s even less fun when toddler keeps deciding he wants to get up, or ‘help’ me get bubs to sleep. It’s around 8.30 by the time toddler falls asleep (which I’m pretty happy with, considering), so I sneak out like a ninja with bubs in my arms, praying to God she stays quiet just got a few seconds until I can leave the room. She does… Success!

So, back to where I am now at 10.00pm. After several attempts at getting bubs to sleep in between either the dog or her oldest brother waking her up from being noisy, she finally went to sleep around thirty minutes ago. I’ve spent that last half an hour cleaning up (again) and I even contemplated doing some work, but I don’t want to risk making any noise in case she wakes up- plus, I can’t concentrate because I’m thinking about all the stuff I need to get done tomorrow. I make a quick list so I don’t forget any of it, and get my PJs on and sit down.

I take a few moments to wonder just how I managed to get through the day with my sanity still in tact. I thank the universe for giving me such amazing children and a patient heart and mind. After a few deep breaths, I get that book out that I’ve been dying to keep reading, but then put it down again just as quickly. Nope, I’m too tired, and bubs will be awake in a couple of hours for a feed. Nigh-nighs time for me!

This was an average day for me, aside from hubby being on night shift (usually he’s home to help out during dinner, bath and bed time) but it doesn’t make it any less crazy! There are other things I haven’t mentioned here, such as when the kids are sick, if my teenager has a meltdown, or trying to keep appointments; not to mention those days where I actually do get some work done! 

I dare anyone to tell me that “all I am is a Stay at home Mum” or that I don’t have a real job. While my jobs (plural) bring me oh so much joy and I wouldn’t change them for the world, I work bloody hard every day and night, with rarely any opportunity for any resemblance of a break. So, next time you hear anyone mumble similar words, perhaps ask them if they’ve experienced it for themselves. Until anyone has had firsthand experience of being a stay at home parent, they have no idea what it’s really like. In my opinion, anyone who thinks parenting full time is a ‘breeze’ or that it’s ‘not real work’ needs a healthy dose of STFU (look it up if you don’t know what I’m getting at). And, for those of us full time parents who also work from home, I don’t know about you, but these judgemental, ignorant fools can kiss my arse! We work harder and much longer hours then anyone else, and our main job is unpaid. Enough said.